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20PCS Nano-Glue Strong Transparent Suction Cup Suction Cup Hook Kitchen Bathroom Hanger Hook 6 * 6cm Punch-free Seamless Hook

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Brand Name: FGHGF
Material: Silicone Rubber
No. of Hooks: 1
Material: PVC
No. of Hooks: 1
colour: Transparent
feature 1: Multifunction
feature 2: Seamless hook
feature 3: Nano-gel strong transparent suction cup
feature 4: Suction cup hook
feature 5: Kitchen bathroom hanger hook
feature 6: Punch-free seamless hook
feature 7: Nano-adhesive
feature 8: Transparent suction cup
feature 9: Suction cup hook
feature 10: Transparent suction cup suction hook
feature 11: Household kitchen bathroom hangers